OData and Olingo

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Better to have knowledge in Servlets and JSP before exploring OData / Olingo / REST Services / Web Services.

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C# Memory Leaks – Profiling

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To detect C# memory leaks we didn’t find any static code analysis tools.

Only option is to use tools during run time.

A simple way to detect memory leaks in C# and how to create one with events :)

Best Practices No. 5: Detecting .NET application memory leaks

Glow Code
Ants Memory Profiler
Jet Brains Profiler
.Net Memory Profiler
List of Static Analysis Code Tools

There is no memory leak detection rules under FX Cop Rules in Sonar

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This week’s Browsing

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Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2014 (image gallery)

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Java Exception Handling

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Interior Design (ID) Notes

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1. Don’t spend money emotionally. ID is expense. Not an investment.
2. Budget should be considered based on rented property, self occupied property, sell off property.
3. Keep all receipts to claim guarantee given by seller.
4. Keep product specs/manuals to buy spares if required down the line.
5. All ways keep 20% extra buffer based on estimate.

1. Choose white color only for walls. Other colors are not good psychologically.
2. Choose pleasant colors for wardrobes and furniture.
3. Go with designer for shopping to chose best materials.

1. http://polimetla.com/2014/12/29/interior-design-light/

1. http://polimetla.com/2012/02/08/emf-health-protection/

Kids/Adults Friendly:
1. Use rounded corners wherever applicable.
2. Avoid smooth surfaces near wet areas
3. Fix holding rods in wash areas properly. Putting simple screws is not enough. They look good but won’t hold weight
4. Use Scotch-Brite® Squeegee (Large) to move water away in wash areas.

Cloth Hangers:
1. Make sure that they stop light coming into home. Put them vertically if possible.
2. Use individual pulley models.
3. Go with stainless steel to prevent rust.

Wooden Flooring:
1. Avoid wooden flooring.
2. Wooden flooring sucks light in the room.
3. To maintain we are using too much chemicals
4. Not kid friendly….if they piss on the floor, tough to clean.

1. Don’t use double layered curtains. They are not good.
2. Maintenance is heavy.
3. Match curtain height with window height.
4. These are dust attractors, needs frequent washes
5. We are not using indoor door curtains. Hence curtain rods are not required.

Floor Mats:
1. Go with floor mats with grip
2. Change them once in three months

Living / Drawing Rooms:
1. Don’t put too many decorative items. Tough to maintain dust.
2. Keep a place for books. Books are our friends.
3. Avoid high volume speakers
4. Avoid large TV screens, which are harmful to eyes.
5. http://www.rtings.com/info/television-size-to-distance-relationship
6. Don’t buy junk China speakers. Check for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/THX other certified products
7. Identify place for wireless/network routers

Kids Room:
1. Provide them white board to explain or write
2. Provide notice board to stick school notices/drawings
3. Place for book shelf
4. Good ventilation and lighting
5. Place for study table/computer with adjustable height legs.
6. Get OLOV Leg, adjustable from Ikea and find suitable top or get it from Ikea
7. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30264301/

Bed Rooms:
1. Install fire proof lockers if required.
2. Better to go with bank lockers
3. Separate rack for important files / certificates
4. Go with ergonomic pull types to access clothes easily
5. Never go with fixed beds. They won’t move and tough clean under.
6. Never store items under bed. It is not good as per Feng Shui
7. Better not to use wrought iron beds. They change magnetic field around you.
8. Put bed lamps which show clear path to wash room and main door
9. If possible use color coded switches for lights / fans to avoid confusion

1. Ergonomics plays major role in kitchen design
2. Use step stool to access high shelves. Choose best quality stable step stools
3. Cover walls with marble/slab/glass…which should be easy to clean

Shoe Rack:
1. Keep a place to sit and where shoes
2. Option to lock shoe rack.
3. Ventilation required

Avoid false roofing:
1. They reduce total air in room
2. They break down with time and causes Cancer
3. These are made with carcinogenic materials
4. They reduce light in the room
5. They bounce back sound faster
6. These are junk stuff pressed by designers and companies to make money.
7. If required, go with old style teak wood roofing.

1. Consider vaastu complaint
2. Home is a place to rest…not a store room, not a disco room
3. Mosquito mesh is affordable. Dengue/Malaria is costly.
4. Plan Mosquito tents in all bed rooms.
5. Choose pleasant sounds for door bells
6. Main door safety latch is must
7. Put some bin or bag for milk man and newspaper.
8. Put a place to hang wet umbrellas and rain coats
9. Avoid water fountains / water pots with flowers. They are accumulating bacteria and tough to maintain.
10. Identify place for Tulsi Plant. These leaves should be eaten frequently to stay healthy.
11. Lower floor owners can plan for Fire exit ladders
12. Put Fire Extinguisher in Kitchen.
13. Add double rod in balcony to prevent kids from climbing
14. Identify place for all travel suitcases
15. Avoid wall cover clothes.

1. Don’t drill concrete pillars/sealings
2. Handle water from AC’s properly. Other wise they will enter walls and damage paints
3. Choose Cockroach/Rat free designs for shelves.
4. Prevent water leaks across units

These are my personal opinions only.


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Coaching & mentoring skills (final)2

The Coaching Kata Chain of Coaching

Coaching V. Mentoring


Please check this for more focused slides.

S.No. Method   Description
1 GROW G Goal
  GROW R Reality
  GROW O Options
  GROW W Will or Way Forward.
2 STAR S Situation
  STAR T Target
  STAR A Action
  STAR R Results or Review.
3 CIGAR C Current situation
  CIGAR I Ideal situation
  CIGAR G Gap between current situation and ideal situation
  CIGAR A Action planning
  CIGAR R Review.
4 CLEAR C Contracting
  CLEAR L Listening
  CLEAR E Exploring 
  CLEAR A Actions 
  CLEAR R Review 
5 ACHIEVE A Assess Creative
  ACHIEVE C Creative
  ACHIEVE H Hone Goals
  ACHIEVE I Initiate Option
  ACHIEVE E Evaluate Options
  ACHIEVE V Valid Action
Plan Design
  ACHIEVE E Encourage
6 OSCAR O Outcome
  OSCAR S Situation
  OSCAR C Choices/Consequences
  OSCAR A Actions 
  OSCAR R Review
7 PARTNER P Preparation and
  PARTNER A Action
  PARTNER R Reflection and
  PARTNER T Transformation
  PARTNER E Empowreing
  PARTNER R Results
8 STEPPA S Subject
  STEPPA T Target
  STEPPA E Emotion
  STEPPA P Perception and
  STEPPA P Place
  STEPPA A Adaptor Act
9 STEER S Spot the
  STEER T Tailor the
  STEER E Explain the Task
  STEER E Encourage
  STEER R Review
10 COACH C Clarify the
  COACH O Open up
  COACH A Agree the
preferred future
  COACH C Create the
  COACH H Head for Success
11 GAINS G Goal
  GAINS A Assessment
  GAINS I Ideas
  GAINS N Next Steps
  GAINS S Support
12 PRACTICE P Problem
  PRACTICE R Realistic,
relevant goals developed (e.g. SMART goals)
  PRACTICE A Alternative
solutions generated
  PRACTICE C Consideration of
  PRACTICE T Target most
feasible solution(s)
  PRACTICE I Implementation
of Chosen solution(s)
  PRACTICE E Evaluation
13 OSKAR O Outcome
  OSKAR S Scaling
  OSKAR K Know how &
  OSKAR A Affirm &
  OSKAR R Review
14 OUTCOMES O Objectives
  OUTCOMES U Understand the reasons
  OUTCOMES T Take stock of the present situation
  OUTCOMES C Clarify the gap
  OUTCOMES O Options generation
  OUTCOMES M Motivate to action
  OUTCOMES E Enthusiasm and encouragement
  OUTCOMES S Support

There are many models….. Study and adapt one or chose based on need basis.

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