Relative Cost of a Bug fix

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Docker came “Virtual Machines” gone … : )

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When I gone through Docker documentation felt very good and relived.
Here are the advantages of Docker quickly….
1. Foot print is very small
2. Installing Oracle take lot of time…..just download Oracle Docker File and start using Oracle.
3. Easy to role out complex applications with minimum steps to start using it.
4. Easy to use developer system for demo. Make docker file and ship to sales rep in field.
5. Easy to trouble shoot Level 1 issues. Request customer to simulate issue and send docker file back.
6. Focus on learning and dont’ worry about installing / configuring complex software

Now your turn to go through these links
What is Docker?
Docker Public Register…you can download MySQL / Oracle /Wordpress / Ubuntu…etc and use it
Docker History
Go Programming Language
Boot 2 Docker


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Student Visa – USA

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Software Beta Release

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Uses of Beta Release

  • Real time testing results from Customer
  • No fear to release large/new features (Release new features with enable/disable through config properties)
  • No fear to feel user’s acceptance

Release Mechanism – Web / Standalone

Release new features / fixes / patches to small amount customer base and slowly increase based on product stability.

Week 1 – 5% of Users
End of Week 3 – 10% of Users
End of Week 6 – 25% of Users
End of Week 12 – 50% of Users
End of Week 18 – 100% of Users

This % and Release schedules to be finalized based on project needs.

Practically seen following:
1. Company A deployed project A and at load balancer level they are controlling % of traffic to specific server. On new site they solicit feed back and offer gift cards / raffle tickets, ..etc
2. Company B is having 40 web instances. They will deploy instance by instance slowly with days gap
3. Company C is building standalone software. It release software to free community edition first. Based on feed back they release to commercial customers.
4. WordPress / Google and other release Beta to free customers first to avoid liability. Based on it is success they will release later to commercial customers.
5. Company D is having large customers in USA and small customers in other small countries like Italy. They first release software in Italy and after some time they release in USA.


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Mobile push notifications

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Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) / Apple Push Notification (APN) Service

When implementing mobile push notifications we need to use both GCM and APN. Both are having many differences.
Step 1: Study both GCM/ APN
Step 2: Implement generic interface/factory pattern to hide GCM/APN implementation. Developers are not supposed to aware underlying implementation
Step 3: Consider using generic APIs/Libraries.
Step 4: Do proper Architecture/Design

GCM is coming up with dry run flag. Consider using this. This won’t send messages to devices when dry run flag was set.

Google Cloud Messaging for Android

Google_Cloud_Messaging Wiki

Apple Push Notification

Generic Libs:
AeroGear Push


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Dananjaya Hettiarachchi – I see something in you

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