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Regular wood is tough to find and work with.
It is natural

Plywood is easy to work with and full of chemicals used for bonding and processing.
formaldehyde based synthetic resins are used to bind the wood. Formaldehyde will cause cancer. It is preservative in funeral homes and medical labs.


Best material: 710-bwp (Boiling Water Proof)-marine-plywood

Best Brands:

70% of Indian plywood market is unorganized. Tough to find fake and good products.
How to test plywood?




Merino is the third largest manufacturer of decorative laminates in the world

Priyam’s dad is dealer in Orissa *****
GreenLam Laminates – from the makers of GreenPly

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పర్యావరణ పరిరక్షణ (బుర్ర కథ)

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Section 508 and VPAT

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Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
In 1998 the US Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Section 508 was enacted to eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities, and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals.

What is a VPAT?
A VPAT is a vendor-generated statement (using the required template) that provides relevant
information on how a vendor’s product or service claims to conform to the Section 508

Architects need to address 508 Requirements in Architecture.



The principles of successful architecture evaluations

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When we need to evaluate software architecture?
1. To understand existing architecture
2. As review process we need to evaluate
3. During company/product acquisition
4. During software product adaptation/use into project.
5. To make decommission decisions on existing projects
and many more


Principle 1: Quality Attributes determine the architecture.
Principle 2: Business Goals determine quality attribute requirements.
Principle 3: Business Goals represent what’s important to its stakeholder communities.
Principle 4: Quality attributes requirements need to be specified with good measures.
Principle 5: To understand an architecture you must understand its quality attribute properties.
Principle 6: The most important quality attribute requirements determine the parts of the system to focus the analysis on.
Principle 7: The distribution of functionality in the architecture contributes to the quality attribute properties.
Principle 8: “Guilty until proven innocent.”
Principle 9: Proper analysis disallows assumptions. Only facts count.
Principle 10: Evaluated organizations must own the evaluation results.

Please go through SEI CMM Site link above to understand these principles in detail.


Which school is Good?

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This is very frequently asked question. A Tree is measured by its fruit. The School and Parents are measured by education they provide to kids. In today’s world Schools are spoon feeding the way vitamin tablets work. Simple example is kids are aware of Pyramids but teachers didn’t discussed where there are located and what is its time line. One excuse is out of syllabus or no time. No excuse for these reasons.

School should be away from factories. It should have good trees around and fresh Oxygen supply required along with good ground water. Low noise levels.

Good buildings, good play grounds, good rest rooms, spacious dining halls and class rooms. Well equipped labs and libraries.

Well qualified passionate teachers with achievements. They should go through good training programs.

Don’t go with schools who are started by money minded people and who are operating just like business.

School should well equipped with security cameras.
Good practices for entry, exit and handover process.
Medical facilities with basic first aid.
Boys and Girls rest rooms should be well maintained with good distance or separate floor with watching staff.

There should not be much difference between student’s parents income levels.
School should pay good salaries and retain good staff.
Fees / Dress / Books should be affordable.
Many parents think that higher the fees means better the school. This is myth.

Teacher / Student Ratio:
It should be less in lower grades and go up slowly along with grades.

Never go with mixed syllabus. This is just cheating and avoiding assessments.
Kids can’t compete properly with other kids.
Mixed or Combo classes for two different syllabus is not fair.
Go with CBSE board. This is most reputed board with up to date curriculum.
IIT entrance is conducted by CBSE Board based on CBSE syllabus. This is even better for SAT preparation too.

Better to be in less than 15 minutes distance.
For grown up kids more time in bus means, more good/bad friendships and troubles.
Less distance encourages parents to visit school frequently.

School Changes:
Don’t think that elementary in one school, middle school is different and high school is another. Better to choose one school / one syllabus from KG to 10th.

Better to send kids to school after completion of 5 or 6 years.
Let they stay home early days and let them learn from parents.
Also don’t push them to next classes when their age is not enough.
Don’t hurry for deadlines on joining dates. Even one month less, no issues. Let them study in respective class.

Parent Teacher Meetings:
These are not for demanding more marks or to threat teachers.
This is to motivate teachers, identify areas of improvements for kids.

School Dress:
Dress for girls must be below knee.
Dress is not supposed to be like club dancers.
Choose school whose dress code is good and acceptable

Gender Bias:
Many parents think that their boys can roam with any girls or any number of girls.
But they want nice daughter-in-law who is very honest.
This gender bias should go.
Moral values are same for all irrespective of gender.
Also many think that Boys should study hard and for Girls it is ok.
Nope….both Boys and Girls should study well.

Marks and Grades:
Many parents worry when kids get less marks and grades.
If they do their best, kids will excel.
Also don’t encourage false competitions and bribes to kids and teachers.

Parents Responsibility:
It is more than 50%.
Daily follow ups, asking questions and identifying need where kids need help.
Motivating teachers to teach well
Motivating kids to learn well

Moral Values:
In the name of secularism, many are not teaching moral values.
It is must from both schools and parents.
Schools, Parents and Kids should participate in volunteer work and other activities from childhood.

Age level books should be provided to kids from KG onwards to study on daily basis.
Questions should be asked and challenge them with ideas.
Encourage them to write on daily basis to improve creativity.
Let them pick new words every week.

Abacus / Vedic Maths:
These are not much useful in day-to-day life.
Application of principles is most important.

Give puzzles on daily basis to solve.
Chess is good one
Sudoku and other word puzzles should be given

Never think that kids need Olympic quality sports items / Coaches and equipment until otherwise they are preparing for Olympics.
Only point is they must go out and play every day at least one to two hours.
Better to learn martial arts / yoga / chess and practice for lifetime.
No need to change games/sports every year.

Let kids chose and practice music, dance and others
Encourage them and provide support.
Don’t force them to learn

Cambridge / Trinity:
These are good in English related exams. These are business entities.
Due to this price of Exams and Books are very high. Quality also Best.
Not affordable to middle class.
Without this too, kids can learn English with the help of Good Teachers.
Rest of the subjects, CBSE is best.

This is US based company and doing education business.

Foreign/Out Station Trips
These are not required and seen from management as business activity.
We have plenty of places to visit and learn within our city.
These trips are not safe. Keep hearing missing kids, accidents and other incidents.
Worst part is school is taking letter that they are not responsible under any circumstances.

Ethics are higher than higher grades.
Humanity and Contentment is higher than salary.
Let us build happy world by developing responsible citizens.

Other Links:
Why US Education System is Bad?:
System is bad because of low moral values and ethics.
Education without values and ethics is useless.

Implementation of Search in Enterprise Applications

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Step 1: Learn about Text Search
Learning fundamentals are always important before dealing with tools/software.

Text Retrieval and Search Engines
by ChengXiang Zhai

Thanks to University of Illionois and Mr. ChengXiang Zhai.


Text Retrieval System:

Copy rights on above diagrams belongs to “University of Illionois”

Please go through the course to understand all above.

Step 2: Learn Lucene
Lucene was developed in Java by Dough Cutting in 1999. This encapsulates many algorithms learned above.
Lucene is Mr.Dough’s wife’s middle name.

Lucene Tutorial:
Lucene Concepts:
Lucene in 5 minutes:

Step 3: Learn Solr / Elasticsearch
Lucene is like engine. Embedable when required with limited features. Solr / Elastic Search are like cars who runs on Lucene.

Lucene Vs Solr:
Glossary of terms:
Elasticsearch features:

Step 4: Learn Apache Nutch
We need to feed data. To collect data on web, we need web crawler. Nutch will do this stuff.


The above knowledge is minimum, before going to architect any search based solution.


Microservice architecture

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Micro services are very useful when service definition and future plans are clear.
1. Light Weight
2. Good time to market
3. Less code to manage

1. Tough to move out to some other container like Tomcat
2. Limited features to use

Spring (Boot) :
Play Framework : (Best among all)

Netty is better than Jetty
Netty bench marking with Jetty:

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