Coeducation – Blessing or Curse?

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Recently thinking of coeducation system in schools and colleges.

Based on incidents / news paper articles / news / school staff discussions….
1. Coeducation is Curse for majority of students and better to avoid if possible.
2. Parents need to maintain close relationship with their kids and help them on continuous basis.
3. Without having strong moral values, it is tough to survive Coeducation.
4. Tough to face peer pressure.
5. Good or Bad ….consequences are high.


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Science Fair Projects – Impact on Society

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  1. Evangelize science among government schools.
  2. Take science to masses in rural area and villages
  3. Provide inputs to government
  4. Provide inputs to entrepreneurs
  5. Encourage small-scale business sense through science projects. Example: Candle business, Toys based on experiments, …etc


  1. Private schools are conducting yearly science projects. Rich students and schools are spending lot of money to make working models. After science fair all those are taken back to homes and disposed later.
    1. Request schools / students to donate working models along with demo materials
    2. Collect these things and form as kits in plastic boxes
    3. Collect / Organize them based on class / subject / language / age group
    4. Lend these kits to government schools
    5. Use these kits to demo in rural areas
  2. Request IT/local companies / private schools to lend their buses to arrange transportation for government school kids to attend these private school science fairs.
    1. It improves knowledge and create interest in education
    2. Improves communication skills
  3. Companies can purchase online kits and donate to respective organizations
  4. Companies can conduct science fair competitions among private schools and invite public schools to visit.
  5. Identify prize-winning ideas and promote them as small-scale business ideas. Fund the interesting projects and recommend them to incubation projects.


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Java Monitoring

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What is the Java equivalent for LINQ?

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Thanks to Lukas Eder

1. These are tightly coupling with database and may cause brittleness down the line.
2. Performance fine tuning is tough.
3. Saves time and lines of code and increases productivity.
4. Better to write stored procs and use them.
5. C# LINQ looks good, but didn’t liked it.


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Bhavani Polimetla – بھوانی پولیمٹلا

You can try your name at

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Swincar E-Spider – Extreme Off-Road

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Not only humans….Applications can too learn easily…

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AppTale is a light-weight framework to enable an application to learn more about itself and adapt to the environment. It provides several out of the box capabilities to faciliate learning. In addition, the framework lets you add your own custom extensions to mend learning the way you want.

Following are some examples of where AppTale can be used
– A web-site can use AppTale to learn if there are potential DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and take appropriate preventive action.
– UI screens can learn and optimize the layout to meet its user’s taste.
– An e-commerce site can optimize the product catalog being shown to the user based on the more recent products visited.
– See more at:

AppTale Manual:

Building dashboards for applications / app monitoring / app tracking / app learning is important behavior.

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