Who participated in resolving JIRA?

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JQL: Participants = currentUser() and project=ghix

Need this plugin: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.atlassian.jira.toolkit

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How to play with set of values in Oracle?

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select distinct column_value from table(sys.odcinumberlist(1,6,2,3,1,4,7,5))
order by column_value;
select column_value
from table(sys.dbms_debug_vc2coll(‘Six’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’, ‘Seven’))
order by column_value;

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Software Risk Management

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Two distinct risk analysis approaches can be used when evaluating systems
1. Tactical risk analysis
2. Mission risk analysis
Reference: Page 13

From the tactical perspective, risk is defined as the probability that an event will lead to a negative consequence or loss.
Reference: Page 14

From the mission perspective, risk is defined as the probability of mission failure (i.e., not achieving key objectives).
Reference: Page 15




Author(s): Christopher J. Alberts, Audrey J. Dorofee
Publish Date: February 2012
Publisher: Software Engineering Institute
SEI Identifier: CMU/SEI-2012-TN-005
Type: Technical Note
Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering, Measurement and Analysis
Description: In this report, the authors describe the Mission Risk Diagnostic (MRD) method, which is used to assess risk in systems across the lifecycle and supply chain.

Note to Management:
Risk Management doesn’t mean just filling excel templates with some numbers.
Assessor need to have complete depth of knowledge in Risk Management and need to work with respective stock holders. Then only we can protect systems properly by mitigating Risk.

Risk Assessment Template


How to find accommodation in USA?

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http://www.rent.com/ – Use the site, put it in rental document and get $100 gift card
local news paper, rent guides in shop entrances
sulekha and other desi sites for shared accomidation

Temporary Stay
– Comes with kitchen and good for people who want to cook
– Also reduces rate when booked through company name
– Weekly rates are available

Search google with “hotels with kitchenettes”
Many highend hotels too provide but very costly.

– Need to be careful with unknown owners
– Money once paid is not refundable
– Littlebit risky


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Headphones & Earphones Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

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Many people are using headphones for different reasons. Irrespective of reasons the chances of getting hearing loss is very high.

This is what my doctor told me.
When sound waves pass through the ear, it vibrates hair inside the ear. By vibrations sound waves converts to mechanical and later to electrical signals to brain. Putting headphones will increase vibrations a lot and naturally there is high possibility of this hair loss, end up in hearing loss.

Picture of hair inside the ear

Image Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_of_Corti#mediaviewer/File:Gray931.png

Links for further study:
Organ of Corti – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organ_of_Corti
Cochlea – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochlea

How the ear works?

Hearing Loss and Headphones – Is Anyone Listening?

Headphones & Earphones Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know


Use built in speakers to listen
Learn to focus on work/study without music through headphones


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Operating ball turret in the Collings B-24J at Bomber Camp

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Now apply these principals in Software Architecture.
Think of the gunner.

Wow…amazing feeling and hats off to these architects.


Software Architecture – Durability

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B17 battle damage this plane flew home in this condition to it’s base the 92nd Bomb Group Podington

Open in youtube and read comments on this video.

Many software applications crash within few hours of first usage in real time production.

Software Architects should learn a lot from this flight architects.

Hats off to them.
God Bless America.


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