Agile – PI Planning – Risk Management – ROAM

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Resolve: Risk Resolved

Own: Will be resolved in future (No solution at this time). Owned by respective owner

Accept: Accepted the Risk and ready to face challenges or adjusted plan accordingly

Mitigate: Risk Mitigated and will be solved.


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How to improve English?

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After baby born….it start looks at its surroundings. Start listening and observing people around it. Later it tries to make sounds. Slowly try to speak what baby is listening. After couple of years, it will try to start understanding toys, images and learns recognizing alphabet. Slowly learns to read. Later learns to write. This is the nature of learning language.

Now what are we doing to teach language? Teaching in reverse order. First writing. Then reading, Speaking and finally listening. This is very opposite to natural process and lengthy way to learn any language.

What is the best way to teach/learn language?
1. First Listen to the language (Movies, Songs, TV, …etc)
2. Try to pick up the words what we heard and try to mimic.
3. Try to read the alphabet
4. Finally try to express by writing

Language learning and communication skills development goes hand in hand. Good command on English language helps to excel in other subjects like Science, Social, …etc. Without command in language, it is difficult to learn other subjects which are taught in English.

IELTS, Cambridge, Trinity and other authoritative English language institutions test the person in English language based on these four skills. Also these four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) and interdependent. Nobody can learn language just by reading its dictionary and grammar book. Language learning is not only for kids, but for all irrespective of ages.

To excel in English language take assessment test from Cambridge and start from there. They provide material on all these four areas. Without neglecting listen to their CDs and try to speak. Always learn the language from native speakers. If native speakers are not available, learn from trained staff.

1. Active Listening
a. Listen and answer the questions
b. Participate in group discussions
2. Passive Listening
a. Listen to music
b. Listen to audio books, ….etc
3. There are other courses on how to listen without biasing or judging other person. How to find the clues. This leads to interrogation techniques, interview techniques, …etc

Watch movies and you tube on specific subjects to improve listening skills. Write down words, phrases, …etc where failed to understand and research further.

1. Look for opportunities to speak (debates, group discussions, language clubs, …etc)
2. is great place to learn all four skills. Please attend your nearest Toast master club.
3. Record your speech and listen. Find out grammatical mistakes and others. If possible share your speech with others(trained person) and get the feedback.

1. Reading is gift. This is only way to learn from other person’s life experiences.
2. Read Poems, Novels, History, ….etc

1. Learn to write in different formats like novels, letters, emails, ….etc
2. Learn to write poems. This gives freedom of expression. Writing poems helps to went out feelings and easy to share and preserve the moments in time.

Identify age appropriate tasks in each area (Listening, Speaking, , Reading and Writing) and practice to excel in language systematically. All the best in learning new language.

“This is further broken down to about 25 percent writing and reading, 30 percent speaking, and 45 percent listening.” …. In Indian education system, we focus 90% on Reading/Writing and neglecting Speaking and Listening.



Any person who speaks English is not a great person.

A person will become great by his character.


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Donot made Unnecessary comparision with others

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New Stck from Fabric

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Spring – Generally I don’t like. They change very fast and downward compatibility is less
Wild Fly Microservices:

Elasticsearch: – Worth using this product for better intelligent search. Applicable for all projects.
Kibana – – Good for log pooling and search

Pretty much required for monitoring many micro services/servers


Code Review:

Note: Don’t use tools…because they are free or looks good.

Good cook don’t need too many utensils (Situation based)

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System Monitoring – Prometheus

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This is very promising project for dev ops.

Few years back developed application monitoring for business.
1. Counting total credit card transactions per minute
2. Total amount swiping per minute
3. Total acceptance
4. Total rejection
These things are different and purpose is different.

Better not to mix both.

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Teddy and Mrs Thompson (Teacher and Student)

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Information Assurance

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Information Assurance (IA) is the practice of assuring information and managing risks related to the use, processing, storage, and transmission of information or data and the systems and processes used for those purposes.

Many people think that
1. They have right to collect all personal information about patients, customers.
2. They store credit card / debit card information in plain text in database
3. They share customer information with third parties
4. They transmit data through unsecured network
5. They store data without encryption
6. They are not aware of masking data
All these practices are not acceptable.

Information Assurance to be taken care from requirements gathering to testing.

Further reference:

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